Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!

End of week picture time. Time for yet another pinup, the last one of the month.
I'm quite happy with this one, especially how I managed to use a nelfs face to make a helf/belf(as modelviewer cannot yet read the new models from PTR).
Why is she at Eversong Woods? She was going to be a Blood Elf, but the world moves in strange ways.

Two more to go! Until next time!

  • 22th February "Month of the BBW Elves #7 Saltheril Booty Alarm! [Helf/BBW/Pinup/Nude]
    Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!
    Why is a High Ellf hanging around Blood Elf weed party and all naked? Dunno.