11 April 2015

Saturday 11th!

New picture time and something different what I would normally do.
A picture with a Worgen! When I was planning on this picture, I hadn't yet figured out what race to use. I was very close picking a Naga instead, but after reading LegnaX's cry for Worgen I was sold! But it had it's problems.

Originally Posted by dennis
Well, to give some reason to the lack of worgen, their ingame model is a bit lacking, to say the least. So they're a bit hard to work with, to be honest.
You hit the nail spot on. While Goblins and Worgen were for a long time most "advanced" and high-polygoned models, after MoP and WoD new models, they are the new "old models" with their lack of expressions(moving lips, eyes and cheeks). Hence many won't touch them at all or face the long task making them more up to date.

As for the person behind her. I wouldn't have come to this idea in the first place if I hadn't found the aquatic Faceless Ones with Modelviewer. I had all forgotten about them from Vash'jir and Throne of the Tides.
Normaly I don't like to work with tentacles nor demons or other monstreous creatures - but for this picture I made the exception, also I do like some Lovecraftian mythos now and then.

11th April "Touch of the Faceless" [Worgen/Pinup/Monster]

Ia! Ia! Dagon!
Wait, wrong universe and mythos. Nevermind.


Anonymous said...

Faceless ones - don't see them too often!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of worgen, but it's always cool you give so many races a shot!