09 August 2015

Unconventional furries?

Two busy weeks behind and third at the end. Time for a new picture!
I won't bore you with stories why I was away the past two weeks, so I'll go right into the picture
This one is yet another Panda picture, so furry-haters beware! This one is also kind of special as it is a requested picture. And knowing me, I haven't done one of those kinds in ages!
What about the picture then? I'm happy with it, I do like doing pictures of our relaxed fluffy "asians" from middle of the sea.

9th August "Req: Unconventional Couple" [Pandaren/Yuangol/Straight]

There are no written records about Yuangol showing love
toward any of their neighbouring races.

Until next time! I also have a small project starting, so I'll try to post some progress pictures as soon as I can.

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Anonymous said...

I like the pose quite a bit! Also curious to hear about this "project" :O