19 July 2015

Furrtastic post

Surprise update out of the blue!

That's right, back on Sunday schedule(s)!
Time for something more furry for a change. Don't worry, it's not furry-porn... or well, it is, as they all have fur on them and other anthropomorphic traits.
Tried few new things on this picture, but they are barely visible and mostly just for me - which makes me quite happy with this picture.

19th July "Furbolg Frenzy" [Pandaren/Furbolg/Threesome]

Pandaria is full of bear-like anthropomorphic humanoids,
but also up north on Northrend lives another race of bear-like anthros
in their huge city of Grizzlemaw.

Have a good Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I'm not even much of a fur guy and I still dig it. Really like the pose! Very well done

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're happy with the picture, that's what matters most!