13 August 2017

Orc Month Part 4

Lok'tar ogar! It be still Orc Month!
Fourth Orc Month picture as arrived!

Note, as my summer vacation ends tonight, I will be returning back to my once a week(or every other week) schedule. So before I master the use of Blender and manage to make working models, no more twice a week parades.
Speaking of models, the Undead woman model is so full of holes that it was literally sewing pieces of her back together.
And yes, I know I haven't used Forsakens in my pictures that much.
Have a nice Sunday, Blight Boar is brutal. \,,/_ _\,,/

13th August "Orc Month - Tozunk: Blight Boar Concert" [Orc/Undead/Anal]
Tozunk heard that the Blight Boar concerts were brutal and
something you could only experience once in your life time
or twice if reanimated. During the gig, he met a fierce
corpse dancing her body off this world and firmly against his.
Given the opportunity, Tozunk wanted to try if it was true
what they said about undead women.
Apparently the answer is yes and no.
==XL-Size Edit==

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