19 November 2017

November tumblr Raffle Winner

Less than two more weeks to the darkest and coldest month(least up here in north), but November still carries on.
I've been bit busy and and ill once again, hence why the whole "once every two weeks" has been on again. But not today!

This one is yet another one of my montly tumblr raffle winner picture. The theme was big/large/huge behinds, if you are interested. The picture was commissioned by jjrb456, who's request was quite surprising seeing the theme. Although, even the short ones can have bubbly pillows below their back.

November 19th - "One Size Fits All Part 2" [Gnome/Zoophilia/Anal/Comm]
This little read head is on it again,
although this time she isn't the one
riding someone in her deep yerns.
No, she's the one getting pinned
down by her fellow companion.

==XL-Size Edit==

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Anonymous said...

Not bad for a gnome! After Halloween that was a lot of gnomes