31 December 2017

Winter Veil: Gift Six

Jingle Jangle BOOM!!!

The Gnomes have finished with the final gift to give out and just in time for the New Years Eve!

That was close and quite a month it was! Total of eight pictures where seven were commissions! Phew!
This final picture was wished by Snow, who wished for a speed filled picture with fun times in it as well.
A interracial couple of a Dwarf and Pandaren having fun time during a sledding festival - while under the effect of alcohol.

With this picture, my year is done and I'll be having my yearly vacation all through January. I've made 47 pictures through the year, if not counting all the fillers and mini-pictures. That's quite lot of pictures to me!
I might still post this and that in Tumblr, but no new pictures for a month!

31th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Six" [Dwarf/Pandaren/Comm]
On the last day of the year, the annual couples
sledding festival is held on the slopes of Ironforge Mountain.
Lot of beverage and food for all the couples to enjoy
between sledding. One couple got bit frisky from all the drinks
and though to spice things up while sledding.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you and Selanaar, enjoy your break :D

Anonymous said...

That's a unique pose, lol @ the couple in the back XD

Anonymous said...

I felt like this winter viel series was kinda weak, the juicy busty librarians shown in the first pic never even took their tops off :(

Hope we can see a lot of them in 2018 at least