04 September 2017

Orc Month Overtime!

Orc Month is going overtime! Although only for this final picture - which is the finale and raffle winner picture from tumblr. The theme was, SURPRISE SURPRISE! Orcs. The picture was commissioned by sonofsparta-bendam.

4th September "Orc Month - Garouya: Bendam: Rough Love"[Orc/Worgen/Straight/Comm]
This couple is innkeepers worst nightmare.
The loud sounds of rough sex and furnitures
getting broken with horrible mess drives other
customers away and causes hefty repair and cleaning
bills - which keeps the local carpenters busy and
well payed for months to come!


Anonymous said...

That pose is 10/10

Anonymous said...

Being picky I wasn't too big on most of the orc pictures but this one was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Awesome <3