03 August 2017

Month of the Orcs!

It's August, time to begin something unexpected(I think)!
I, here by name the year 2017's August, as the month of the Orcs!
This basicly means that every picture during this month, will contain at least ONE Orc.
Today, we'll start with a pear bottomed Orcette, by the name of Arzuzna, who likes hammering.
As a artists note, the picture has it's flaws and mistakes, but they are small enough so I can sleep at nights.

3rd August "Orc Month - Arzuzna: Hammering Dark Iron" [Orc/Dwarf/Straight]
Arzuzna has a very wanderlust spirit and loves
to meet new people. On her visit to Grim Guzzler,
she met a Dark Iron fellow who treated her with
drinks and company. Later that night, she wished
to repay him - and give more what he was expecting.
==XL-Size Edit==

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great picture, dat booty!

Selanaar hasn't made friends with a nice orc gentleman yet has she? :D