10 August 2017

Orc Month Part 3!

Orc Month continues!
First of, I know this one isn't for everyone. You don't need to be a sorcerer to know this.
I had a complitely different idea first in mind, but I couldn't figure out how to position the toons
so that the Orc would be seen well enough. And while I was choosing the females for this picture, Modelviewer gave me one of the GILF skins. My girlfiend saw this and told me to make it as the theme.
So I did! Old veterans of war, meeting in Booty Bay during their cruise vacation.

10th August "Orc Month - Belg'Tur: Veteran Meeting Day" [Orc/Human/Threesome]
Belg'Tur fought in the first and second war.
He lost his right arm while trying to evade
Alliances hunt parties and was ultimately
captured into one of the internment camps.
There he had met two of the ward maidens
and befriended with in his weak state.
Now, after near two decades, they once again
meet in a much brighter light, on a vacation.

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