06 August 2017

Month of the Orcs! Part 2

Orc Month continues!
Time for the next Orc to be presented on this month of Orcs.
Yes, I know, Orctober would have been better, but I was reminded by that joke far too late.
Anyway, I got somewhat carried away with this picture and barely could fit everything into the picture.
I still have lot to learn with Blender and 3D-rigging. For example, I still can't get eyelids to work.
Also, I need to think if I'll use someone elses masterly made penis & testicles meshes, rather than making my own or just continue with the same path I have done so far - by drawing them in post-render.

Enjoy the steaming tea!

6th August "Orc Month - Sayla: Tea and Massage" [Orc/Pandaren/Tease/Footjob]
Sayla has a warrior soul and knows how to
handle axes like they were part of her.
When not serving in the army, she loves to
pampers herself with the finest Pandarian tea
and warm company. She is seen often travel all
the way to Pandaria just to enjoy this.
==XL-Size Edit==

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