13 May 2017

In a World part 2

This picture doesn't come as a surprise, if you saw my last picture.
This was so going to happen! Only thing that was shrouded by mystery was how it was going to happen.
So, this is position they took and went with - at least at the climax.
I'm also grown quite fond of both characters, especially rule63 Selanaar. Think I might keep him around, though he would need a new name then.

Also, I know that I've made her wait quite a while, but don't worry! Kia will get a new picture where she's the star. For that, I'm taking in suggestions - to make it easier for me. :p

13th May "Still In Alternative Draenor" [Draenei/Dwarf/Straight/Size]
Warm weather of Nagrand, hot sand and cooling water at the beach.
This was evidently going to happen, no surprise there.
Only thing missing is a long and sweet kiss, and BBQ for dessert.
==XL-Size Edit==

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