12 June 2017

The statics!

Thought that some of you would like to see some of the statics from the survey. So here's few pie-charts to light it up.

I was rather surprised how the votes went between the girls - even the "cyborg" gnome did get in the end three votes.

Next we have here are the "scene type". No argument there.
But this is where I should have added own slot for bestiality, as some already did add themself with the free answer.

Here we can see that I had fully forgotten about titfucking.

And here we are with the race. As it can clearly be seen, "beast" did get the most votes.
I might have added too many races to chose from in the begin with.
But if it wasn't for the "beast" choice, Human and Orc would have shared the victory(or who knows).

And here's the lesbian result just to give a nice contrast - the animals did get some votes here as well.

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