03 July 2017

Post-Midsummer Festive

Midsummer crisis narrowly avoided, by taking two weeks off and one extra day.
But here I am again with a new addition into my picture pool. This one is once again a tumblr exclusive raffle winning picture. The theme was Selanaar and this is what we ended having.
Enjoy! And be warned of stickyness and lot of burly bellies.

3rd July "Stillpine Summer Ceremony [Draenei/Furbolg/Group/Bukkake]
Selanaar revieced a invitation for the Stillpine
tribes summer ceremony, which they hold half a moon
after midsummer. A "diplomat" from the Timbermaw
tribe joined them as well for the fetrility ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Very intense, very sexy, more Sel is always liked :)

Anonymous said...

Very sexy, glad to see you back after such a long time :)

Anonymous said...

Those giant purple boobies are the best, I hope we see more of Selanaar this summer, even pinups would be nice!