11 December 2017

Winter Veil Gift TWO

Jingle Jangle!

The Gnomes have been working hard once again for the next Winter Veil gift. Altough this time the lil' buggers got stuck watching Yogscasts Jingle Jam - hence why a Monday release.

The second gift was wished by Viiz, who wanted to visit Booty Bay for some holiday spirit - given by a big ol' Tauren. And here we have it!
I hope the gift is taken with joy.

December 11th - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Two" [Human/Tauren/Straight/Comm]
Snow is one of the key elements during
Winter Veil. It is even in the name.
Still, you can celebrate the festive even
at the hottest regions of Azeroth. It only
needs the holiday spirit of people to bloom.
Even among hard boiled pirates.
==XL-Size Edit==

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