04 June 2017

A Visit By a Dapper Gentleman

Once again, summer is here! At least up here in north(kind of).
But the never ending summer in certain parts of Azeroth just keeps on going.
So let us return there and visit the green forest of Elwynn and a meet a certain human librarian having a day off and reading a new book.

4th June "A Visit By a Dapper Gentleman" [Human/Worgen/BBW/Straight]
Kia was having a relaxing Sunday at the outskirts of Goldshire.
Reading her new book and enjoying the summer warmth.
Her reading was interrupted when a dapper looking gentleman
arrived and requested to join her company. She agreed.
==XL-Size Edit==


Anonymous said...

Dem thighs though, they stand out in a very good way. Great pic, been awhile since you made one like this.

If this ever gets a part 2 I think it'd be cool if the worgen swapped to human form, but hey that's just personal pref.

Anonymous said...

I remember the first picture I saw of her with that panda and I was already in love with that massive chest, now she has chun-li thighs on top of it? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Who knew that her lower body was just as hot as her upper body?

Anonymous said...