31 July 2017

Winner number 2!

Here again with another picture!
I aimed to release this picture back on Sunday, but due to many unrelated things - I forgot.
So here I am to release a new picture(already) and this is actually another one of my montly tumblr raffle winners. Yes, I secretly had TWO winners this month.
Now onto the picture. This one was commissioned by Velvetdollhouse.

31th July "The Three Specs of a Rogue"[Nelf/Troll/Threesome/Bi/Comm]
Below Dalaran, in the sewers, hides a secret organization
of rogues, The Uncrowned. Here the sneakiest and deadliest
roguest plan their dirty works and trade vital intelligences.
Here they also train further to master their chosen paths:
Assassination, Subtlety and Outlaw.

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