23 July 2017

Shivarra the Nice

For this picture, I wanted to try something new and different(surprising I know!).
While I'm still learning to use Blender more and more, I thought to build up base rigs for models for later use.
So I imported lot of different races and mobs to work on in time, when a particular race showed up.
Then the idea hit me(and it had nothing to do with lack of sleep the night before)! With some remaking the textures and model itself, I managed to make it look slightly better than it was before.
It was good practice, but it also caused me to ponder why Blizz hadn't made new models for them, when they made new models to nearly all other demon races. This is why, she clearly looks very old-school compared to everything else.
But in time, I promise, I will manage to make her in to "HD", like some sort of Dr. Frankenstein!

Oh right, the picture!

23th July "Miss Lirissa - Pussy Lover" [Demon/SFW]
When the group of Shivarras joined the Illidari forces
(due to some disagreements with Sargeras plans),
a bright oddball was free to express her
cheerful spirit and deep love towards pussies.

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Anonymous said...

Mixing it up, interesting! :)