12 July 2009

Phew, nearly made it!


    "Just a small taste~"[Lesb]
    Allright! Another four weeks behind and time for some updates and new characters! ROAR! First is my Gnome warrioress, Brixi!
    Sel have seen many type of people during her life and specialy her life on Azeroth, but one little person gets high up in the top when it comes to having a fierce and stubborn personallity.
    Brixi Hackspanner, known also as "Firecracker" by nick name. In the battle fields, she is fears enemy for her small size and nastily bitting sledgehammer that she has named "Hackspanner". Many doesn't even know of her, but still her "well earned" title have reached many hidden and far ears, The Ankle Breaker.
    Sel, like most Draeneis are facinated of Gnomes from their vast knowladge of technology and sience, but also the question that eludes every: How can someone that small be so strong and enduring?
    Sel tried to find the answer, but it only lead to a friendship and another dead end after few taste tests.

    Not the "nicest" huntress: Belvala[Pinup/Cum]
    Next, we have my newest character, Belvala, the Falconeer(cause I went to Howling Fjord at lvl10 to get one of those hawks that looks like druid flight form)
    There are many types of hunters among the Dwarfs, but one of the rarest might be the Falconeers. Belvala, is one of those few hunters that uses hawks and falcons for hunting aside with a sturdy bow.
    Burning passion for the outdoors, this tanned, hour-glass and pear shaped Dwarf with long red hair simply loves to be out in the wild with her birds. She only visits villages and cities when the need comes to stock up gears or to sell some fur and meat.
    But behind those gentle eyes and flaming hair lives also a wild beast of passion and lust, and she doesn't hasitate to use it.

    Time of relaxion[Heter/Tauren/Belf
    Last but not least, we have our dear femboyish Kagawah.
    Kagawah, proudly studying his way to become a shaman, befriended with an Blood Elf rogue, Esca. She requested for help during her travels of adventuring through Kalimdor from Kagawah when they met in Thunder Bluff. The request sounded tempting to him and the fact that he could be aid for someone but also to broaden his studies during the travels.
    He gladly accepted the offer and the two were off for adventures. In time, they learned about each other, why Esca had comed to Kalimdor and why Kagawah looked how he looked.
    Days passed another, weeks and months. untill they reached Feralas, deep and lush forest, full of mysteries and ruins. Their relationship had grown bigger during the travels and both felt some sort of passion to another as they had slept close to each other the past week, cuddling before falling asleep. The hot air of Feralas and the moistness after a tropical rain forced the two to undress to cool down, but their passions siezed their minds and they couldn't keep their hands away from each other.

Also a fun note: I totaly had forgotten that I had changed Brixis' hairstyle in-game so the current fluffy hair she has in the image is false, but nevermind, I have changed Sels hairstyle back to her old one long time ago aswell.


Anonymous said...

Can u please make more blood elf pictures? :D would appreciate bigtime ;) love ur work!

KiƱuru said...

Good Job Little gnome Girl ^^