14 June 2009

Snakes on a Pla- I mean Snake in Selanaar


"Sssssnake in Selanaar"[Sel/Beast]
Barely seven days since last post and I'm already posting something new and exotic! Oh la la you snake friends will like this one :3
Wailing Caverns, a noble dream gone bad and then to even worse. Years have passed since the corrupted and mad Druids were driven out from the caverns depths or slayed due to they're condition. Some uncorrupted ones still residents the caverns to cure the place from it's taint and maybe one day try again somewhere else.
The Druids have asked even some outsiders to aid them to cure the caverns and drive the tainted creatures away. Selanaar was one of those people that gladly came for the aid when called, and didn't ask anything in return for the tasks, but the Druids insisted that they could atleast reward her in a way or another...


Anonymous said...

Thrilled you're back. Great stuff. I'll check back often.

Chanel said...

Your artwork is amazing! I look forward to seeing more.

KiƱuru said...

Your artwork are perfect i love it with the snake in the soft pussy from Sel <3