07 October 2009


I know I know, I said I would post the next day... well I made two pictures so shut it! :D

Tight packing(!)[Heter]
Burning sun and cool shade near a even cooler pond. What could one ask for more after a long travel through the Barrens? Maybe something to eat or someone to spend some time there. Belvala found the latter one at a lagoon,
or more like it, he found her. Even if the Troll knew he was like three or four time taller then the lovely looking Dwarf, he didn't want to take the risk as she might be a fierc warrior or worse. But to his surprise, Belvala greeted him and welcomed to share her shade. Dazed from the sudden "stun" he joined her and they started to chat.
The air got more hotter and hotter and moister from the water near, also their topic wandered from top to bottom of their bodies and sizes and soon they would find out, could she fit him in.

Two Alike[YAOI]
Kagawah isn't the only "femboyish" person in the world, and he is very happy to find someone alike, or atleast with the same body structure like him. But as he learned more of his new friend, he also learned that this little shy troll was also mentaly femboyish,
unlike Kagawah who tries to be as masculine as possible(with little effect). To make him trust him, Kaga wanted to to show they are alike and could creat a strong bond between.


Anonymous said...

Its intresting concept you having there. And thy look like a cute couple as well^^

Anonymous said...

The pictures are very good but i like Urdina most of all^^