13 October 2009

Another week, another two pictures

Time for another update with two pictures of Urdina and Belvala :3
And about time I made one like this with Belv' I know you had been waiting for one as I told she was a hunter!

"Thank you for Health"[Heter/Tease]
Thanks for Clank Bot for the story idea!
Urdina was closing up to the border of Ashenvale when the Draenei she was with told them to go another path to the woods,
but her curiouse nature wanted to continue the road, but the man insisted for it was safer. Yet for this, she told she can take care of herself and thanked for the company before she walked away along the road. In time she arrived to the Mor'shan Rampart and was greeted not so welcomingly by the Orc and Tauren guards there.
Trying to tell them that she was just passing by and a traveling Paladin who had no interest in them nor at the "war". The guards grunted first in anger and were ready to take her as prisoner when on of the guards said that they are low on healing items and one of the guards is in desperated need for healing.
They offered a deal for Urdina, they would attack her, unless she accepted to heal the wounded guard for them. With no other choise, she accepted to heal the guard for exchange of them letting her pass through the gates.
The guard was pretty badly wounded, as a Tauren, he had lost lot of blood and had deep cuts all over his body. Urdina didn't hasitate and began to heal him up, but also told for her to be left alone with the wounded guard.
It took a long time for him to heal up, but he regained his strength and health, and wished to repay for the human womans kindness for him.

Jungle Rampage[Beast]
You were waiting for this and now you'll get it!
Stranglethorn Vales, a lushfull jungle with all kind of exotic wildlife and plants. A paradise for many types of people from researchers to hunters, like Belvala. She had found her path to take her into the deep jungle for her endurance test with the changing surrounding and beasts. Even as a Dwarf she is quite swift in her movements and rapid in her reactions when something comes in the way.
After a long day of climbing, running and swimming. Belvala had camped down to rest in the moist jungle air and restore her stamina when she noticed a small pack of Mistvale Gorillas roaming not far from her camp. She studied them a while and learned that two of them were young males.
With a smirk, she decided to test on her endurance with them, so she taunted them to follow her from the rest of the pack. After a small sprint, she was pinned by the two gorillas, but it was all of her plan, as she adjusted herself for them.

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