19 November 2009

Posty post

I'm lazy and just copied this from my Darknest-thread.

Okay, wow... I'm really stunned how you people took Brixi with open arms and literary love her, really makes me smile and feel happy <3
Same thing happened with Belvava and I think with Urdina and probably with Sel, but you guys really liked my work with this red-haired gnome!

I bow before your salutes, thank you.

Then to other things, like upcoming updates.
I'm "trying" to post them during this week, one done actually, two more to go.
And this "weeks" theme is, requests!

Meaning I'm currently making three requested pictures(actually two more as one is done like I told) that was asked from me some time ago.

What will they be about? Well you just have to wait and see~

Tataa for now o/

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