01 December 2009


GASP! 2000 posts! And what?!? Only two updates!?!?!?!?
Well yeah, I think I've been spoiling you guys enough with three new pictures on every update,
so get used now to two pictures, mostly one pinup and one with something else.

Anyways, nice to work again with Urdina<3

    "Thank you 2000th"[Pinup]
    So yes, we have got far through these years and now 2000 posts is broken even!
    I like to thank you all for that, but there is still way to 1million views and other goals up-ahead^^
    As reward, I give you an actual photo of Urdina... don't ask how I did get it, I have no idea either :S

    Heated Diplomacy[Oral/Heter]
    Before Urdina's travels through the Barrens to Ashenvale, she had stopped by a Horde run tavern,
    but still allowed members from each faction to stay there, as long no brawls would happen.
    There she met a Blood Elf diplomat, on his way to Theramore, but was staying over to rest his mount and from the heating sun.
    Even if Urdina isn't actually part of the human alliance, she wanted to chat with the elf and to see how far she could learn
    from this diplomat before she crosses the line.

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Anonymous said...

she is hot can you make her with female blood elf?