05 December 2009


I was thinking making this picture Blog-exclusive but enough comments were posted in the thread at Darknest.
Five days passed or so and time to rewards the comments given, although most of them aren't really about the new Urdina picture, but I'll let that pass this time as I'm a good guy.

Anyways, as a friend told me, or actually few but one particularly told that he loved it quite much and made the picture as his desktops wallpaper.
Happy about this, I really wanted to make another version of it so it could be used in more public manners, and here it is!


I actually had this done at the same night I published those two pictures, but I was waiting to see how many comments I would get ^^;

Till next time!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My favorite character that you have so far within your pictures, I placed this on my desktop.
Continue the good work! :)