23 October 2009

Three Three Three Four

Made one "each" day.

Two unlike persons[Heter/Size]
Day1Brixi with her fierce temper and rage to brake her enemies ankles has one weakness, large sized hammer and maces. She has an small obsession for heavy hammers and tinkers herself many different type of maces and hammers to fit into her art of war.
Sometimes, that obsession shows other sides of her odd fetish, if it's much bigger then the arvage size in any means. And Kagawah happens to have a fitting mace to fit for her obsession.

Prequal: Beauty of Life[Pinup/Preg]
Day2Long before Selanaar gave birth to her firstborn child, Linenaar, she was so happy to carry a child inside her, feeling warm and able to give life to a new person, her own child. She didn't hide her body from public when walking around, but when alone, she would enjoy sitting down and stroke her grown belly with a loving care and smile.

Warmth of friendship[Lesbian]
Day3Traveling around the world can be quite alone, even if you have hunting companions like Belvala has. Time to time, but rarely she travels back to Ironforge to meet up with her friend. Even if they meet rarely, they share a strong bond of friendship and warmth which they "abuse" well through drinking and feasting... and sometimes even through night of passion.

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