11 November 2009

Brixi week!

My dear lurkers, so good to "see" you all managed to wait so long for another post.


"Blue candy"[Oral]
There are few color flavors Brixi loves more then others, though there are times she isn't so picky with them, but mostly she just loves the taste of any variation of brown and blue ones, she just can't help herself when she gets one into her small hands.

Home brew[Threesome/Oral/Heter]
Special guest stars are Clanky and Melsy.
Though Brixi is very picky with her taste, sometimes it's good to return back to home and meet others with passion for exotic taste and share them with others. Also, with a little persuading she might even give a try and stop being snobby.

Nutritious drink[Lac/Lesb]
Brixi had become quite good friends with Selanaar and regularly met each other. On a hot day and long trek together, they had stopped by a old barn and settled down there for the night. Even if Sel could have used her magic to conjure food and drink, Brixi had set her eyes on something more nutritious and tasty then plain water.


masl_gnome said...

:O Brixie!

much anticiapated update, last pic is the best for me.. sel & brixie <3

v nice!

Anonymous said...

soo cute!
but i love your female tauren more :>

Cube-heaD said...

Kagawah is actually male, not female or futa. But still thanks^^

Unknown said...

I like the first one, Brixi with a male Draenei.

I vote for more male Draenei "at work" pics^^

you do really great work....thanks :-)