05 August 2009


To Lordearon and beyond![Non-erotic
Sorry sorry! This was ment to be posted last week but I've been quite busy once again and this week I got rather good and personal reason why not to make more, but enjoy!
Far beyond the sea and distant lands came men with thirty ships, had wanted to reach Tirisfal by night,
but the weather was not on their side and as the wind grew stronger and stronger, the rain ran down our cheeks the bow was turned towards Eversong

Lordearon and beyond! That's where the winds will us guide! For fame and for gold, set sail for those lands unknown the sail flew up again!

Untill next time, my fellow lurkers and Vrykls! *ROARS*

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Anonymous said...

Y'know, gotta say, a lot of the people here probably come for the pr0nz. By I REALLY like this one, should do more. This Anon approves ^_^