04 October 2009

A single picture

Only a single update, sorry, I'm all out of ideas currently, but might make another later today or tomorrow (Has been busy with aquarium)

Beauty in the Mirror[Pinup]
Selanaar doesn't much tend to her looks due to her lifestyle as a librarian and mother. She doesn't see herself as a beauty or anything sexy,
even if everyone seems to drool and eye on her softly "chubby" forms. But in rare occasions, she stops to gaze upon herself in the mirror, looking and pondering what people see in her.
Maybe it her mature figures and looks that draws people, or her "exotic" looks out from this world. More she is blaffed about why they don't seem to mind the horrible bruise she has around her eye,
not that it matters, it only makes her happy that people can still see her beautifull even if her hidden bruise is shown.

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Anonymous said...

sel is so pretty :)