29 October 2009


This week, I've been mostly eating guitar-strings.

No really, this week I bring you something more softer to settle down from all the gushing and dripping pictures I've brought to you the past weeks.

    Mother and daughter[NonEro/Cute
    Note that there is -NO- baby model for a Draenei so I had to make this lil baby from scratches and pieces.
    Sel had never been so happy in her long life then when she was carrying her unborn child inside her body, but she was even happier and even ready to die now as the child had been born. A beautiful baby girl she had granted life and was proud to be a mother, letting her race carry on, but also because she had always wanted to be a mother.

    "Green candy"[Oral/Oral
    Some hammers might be slightly too "small" for strong Brixi to handle with, but she have learned few trick how to get around with them using her tinkering gadgets and her mind. Sometimes a creative use of body and mind is at the place when a tasty "candy hammer" is brought before her.

    REQ: Tale of a Hero [Male/Pinup]
    This was an request from a friend of mine.
    In an ancient Tauren tribe legend is told this:
    "The powerful creature stood tall admist the plains of Mulgore, gazing into the distance.
    The proud brave, immediately attracted wolve to his side, who found their place as his companions"


Anonymous said...

I like what you do here. Keep up the good work :) and Brixi ftw ^^

masl_gnome said...

oww yeah more brixi and sel action <3

but its mad, nice bunch of pics this week :)

cherrygirl said...

your pictures are incredibly erotic...it makes me miss WoW so much and wish i still played!! thank you for sharing these.