20 February 2009

Mommy-Sels Puppy Daycare

Mommy-Sel's Puppy-Daycare[Cute/non-erotic]
As an Ambassador, Sel gets to travel alot from one location to another due to her duty.
Sometimes, she takes a small brake and aids her hosts to build up the reputation and friendship between the two races.
This time, she have promised to aid the Kalu'aks with their long taking task to raise up Wolvar pups so that they won't become like their savage and ruthless elders.
With loving care and warmth, her experience as a mother really comes into use when she needs to take care of many small fuzzy Wolvar pups that are growing up rapidly.

Just a fuzzy cuteish update... sowwy if you waited for something mind blowing hot or naughty :<
I'm currently in a rather embarrasing situation: I have so many great ideas and more keeps coming to me...
but I can't decide what to make etc etc... and lost really the motivation also for them due to it >_>;

Otherhands, I've been slooooooowly trying to build up a gallery for my pictures for easier browsing...but it's quite time taking and worning out as I have sooooooooooooo freaking many pictures *sighs*


Anonymous said...

Good gooddd....i would to see how you do more blood elves ;D

KiƱuru said...

This is sooooo Cute i love Sel