12 June 2010

Tiny tiny girls!

Already that time again?!?

Two tiny updates this time for you to glee and smile at.
Do not say that I forgot about you people why like the Gnomish race as well.

    "Big treat for little girl!"[Heter/Oral]
    Big smile and a happy coo, what else can you ask from a cute little girl
    who's actually strong and mature enough to take you down with a punch?

    "Time of payment"[Heter/Oral]
    Gold as payment is the key when dealing with goblins... with majority of them.

1 comment:

Maise said...

Gobelins Females are so rare.
And Brixie as alwaye, so cute ! ^^

Really really thx for this update Cube ! The God of little one praise you !