20 March 2010

Tusk tusk!

Time for an update.
So, how to take this heh... Either you people did miss my post or didn't like the last picture oooor you were just so upsetted that I didn't pierce her nipples and/or give her an penis?
Which is the reason, I don't know *Shrugs*

Anyways, time for something that I had been planning to do for a long time but only now finaly was able to grip myself to start work on it.
I can say it wasn't any easy task at all, -AT ALL-! I had alot trouble with the head since Iw anted to keep it true to the origin of the race.
I know many peopel would have done it all up postured with necklines and small head like an human or elf as an example.

But here you have it, probably and quite sure of it, the very first image of a female Tuskarr!!!!
I know that Blizz would have made the females look alot more like the males, but I wanted to give her some sort of looks to stand out and probably please some peoples eyes.

    First discovery![Pinup/Anthro]
    Time for once again something that would be first time in Darknest and I suppose ever in the internet!!

    For a long time, the Tuskarr tribes have been very protective over their females and have mostly hidden them away when visitors come visit their village.
    Some speculate the reason for this is that there would be one female for every three male, reason why they are so protective over their females and why they are so rarely seen if at all by someone who isn't an Tuskarr.
    But after a long diplomatic alliance and aiding, the tribe in Howling Fjord has finaly opened up for few traveling adventures and aren't afraid of them
    to hide their women for the very first time in a long time, as this "photo" taken with a Gnomish gadget proves.


Absolutezero said...

Wow, that is a first, great job making her very recognizable as a tuskaar even though shes female!

p.s. dont worry i'm not angry that her nipples aren't pierced! now for everyone else i can't say.

Maise said...

Nice one ! i love it ! :D