16 October 2010

I'm no dead

Yikes really, I'm sorry that I haven't been posting the past weeks.

First was release of Civ5 that post-poned my update with a week, then next weekends reason was Minecraft.
Last week... I was just not motivated really >_>
So sorry again for being in-active with posts. I had this idea of a mini-comic in the styles of my earlier pictures/comics.
What would it had been? I'm not telling *Chuckles* Okay it would have been of Kagawah.

Anyways, as I didn't make it in the past weeks, I thought an hour ago to make a pinup of Sel, but surprise surprise! ModelViewer isn't working after the bugged up to ass patch Blizz released.

So I got really nothing else to say nor any pictures to post out as I can't make any at the moment(I know I know, I'm so old-timer with this system, but I like my style and people seem to enjoy seeing my "style" that is bland and "too ingamish").

Untill next time, sorry once again.
So here's a link to go as an apologize >CLICK HERE FOR FUNNY<

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