13 July 2010

News update

cubehead wrote:
So, I'll see when I can post next picture, or least when to get it done, but I'm trying to aim end of this week.


Well, it's been... two weeks now since last post and... what? Four or five weeks with no updates? Not even a "stressed out murloc" picture?
Reason for this is quite simple: Heatwave + packing/cleaning.
Yep, I'm currently moving out to a new apartment... slowly like a snail due to this annoying heatwave we currently have here for the second week.
You don't have to do much to sweat out litres/gallons and make it really agonizing to work or deliver heavy packages and bags from point A to point B.
Aim is that I would be fully moved in by the end of this week, even if I wouldn't have a bed there.
Does that mean that I would have new pictures coming up this weekend? I don't know. I still have a lot of things to move and to throw away or do something to them
before I can fully settle down and enjoy life again and work on new pictures.

Thank you for your patience, my dear lurkers and fans.

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