07 March 2010

Small update

Small update time with a lil' task for you people.

    BB:Blind Bust.[Pinup]
    Time for a new character, but I won't yet reveal her name or anything else.
    Only what you can see in the picture. Her size, bust, hair color and her blind eyes(Yet can see through the use of Light).

    BUT! There is a catch. I am asking for -you- my dear viewers to tell me what you wish to add more to her, or make different.
    So if you have an idea, please add it your your comment(or send it to my PM-box).
    If I like the ideas or some of them, I'll add to her in the up coming picture(s) and thank those who gave the idea(s)


WildCardCorsair said...

How about pierced nipples?
Or better yet, she could be your bondage character. Tied up, handcuffed, (if there are such things as handcuffs I guess lol!) blindfolded, or gagged. There hasn't been much on this blog that I've seen so that might be someplace new to go unless its too hard to do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe pierced nipples.. Though maybe give her a lusty look.. Make her like RAWR for some fun.. ;P

Maybe even have some sort of tatoo on her body..

Very hawt and lovely picture as always! :D

Keep it up!