30 May 2010

Two new ones to add to the list!


Hello my dear lurkers and friends, it's time for this and last weeks updates.
Yes I had last week off and promised two or more pictures this weekend.
I managed to make -two- new pictures, one experimental and one... well it got an penis on it so you figure it out.
So no third picture this time as I didn't have the best times this week and I spent most free time, leaving only two early mornings to work on these two.

Hope you'll like them, if not... can't blame you hehe.

    FBG: Fat Bottom Girl(s)![Pinup/Soft/Fat]
    "Aaaaaare you gonna take me home tonight~?
    Aaaaaah down beside that red firelight~
    Aaaaare you gonna let it all hang out~?
    Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round~!

    "Tourists treat"[Pinup/Heter/Penis]
    People are much different all through the world even if they are from the same race with you.
    Surrounding nature and culture powers the tribes and new offspring for their own destiny as own race.


Maise said...

Ahaha Queen's lyric ! :3

I wish so much to whack Sel's butt <3 Yummy ! oh yeah mama !

Anonymous said...

"I got big booty bitches, I got big booty bitches!"

Alexander said...

draenei scary! :P