24 January 2010


Hiiii people I don't know!
Time for snugly request weekend!

So... anyway the cute pictures ^^

    REQ: BH in VNN part.1[Comic, NonEro, Cute]
    Fellow darknester in my server did request this and I liked the idea so much and that I hadn't done a snuggling picture in a long while hehee.
    REQ: BH in VNN part.2[Comic, NonEro, Cute]
    This page was actually another request, but it fitted quite nicely into the whole "comic" concept.

    REQ: A daughters burden - A mothers love[NonEro, Cute]
    Requested by a dear friends and fellow darknester.
    Sels whole life revolves around her children, her own or someone whom shes adopted and taken under her wings.
    She loves every girl she has and loves to call them as her daughters, like wise them call her as their mother.
    Sometimes, even for a grown-up girl, Sel has to show some guidance and discipline, but mostly it's pure love and care.


Anonymous said...

No more shota in the future? :C
thats disapointing lol... it got me so wet...

Alex said...

awww,the last pic is soo cute :) More pics like these :)