25 July 2010


Silly update times!

For this image I have nothing to really to say, I just loved the original picture so much I wanted to make a own version of it.
The image is based on humon's "Love and Tentacles" series, to be more precise, this picture http://humon.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2qleo0
I take no credits of the idea or setting, I just wanted to make a own version using Sel in part of the "MonsterGirl series" I like to work time to time.

Like I told in the picture's info, I can't take much credits over this one, since I hadn't even thought about to make a Octopus picture of Sel.
And I'm also sorry that I didn't make another picture to pair this one up, as I'm still under small shopping-spree for my new apartment.

PS. thanks and big hugs to everyone who welcomed me back. I cannot promise what will be posted next time, but I'm trying to keep it fresh and surprising.

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Welcome back!