08 May 2010

One beasty

Hey hey again.

Only one picture this week, been somewhat busy and unable to make any really,
finished this one back on Tuesdays to see if I had more time end of the week to work on more, but no.

What else to say, hmmm... Nothing I suppo-
OH! And even if it looks like, it's fully made out of WoW-graphics.
Only thing I made myself were the "coins" in the front and the scales.

Anthro p3: Golden Bath[Anthro/Pinup]
This is the third part of my anthro themed pictures. Can you guess from the looks who she is?

1 comment:

Maise said...

Exactly the one i hope ! Urdina ! :D

Thank you for this update, and congratz' for those incredible anthro.

moar moar <3