01 May 2010

Two beautiful beasts

Hai haaaaai!

Thanks for the comments for the previous picture *bows*
Then to some comments:
Azuca wrote:
I love Selanar, please, please more pictures and a video = D
A video? That's bit over my skills at the moment, but I might try in the future something.

emikochan wrote:
heh I leave for a year and you've really progressed greatly for sure, the new work leaves the old in the dust, here's to another million views :)
Classy updates :D
Thanks for those words ^^

Anyways, time for new updates to celebrate May Day or vappen or vappu, what you call it.

Be warned, some of you might not like the new pictures, specially the one with Sel.

Why I warn? Well have a look before reading the texts >:3

The pictures!
    Anthro p1: Heavy seductive steps[Anthro/Pinup]
    What if the world of Azeroth and Draenor would be bit different what we knew at the moment.
    What if Draeneis were actually a native race from Draenor and nothing like they would be at the moment?

    First picture of my two Anthro themed pictures.

    Anthro p2: Hawks grace.[Anthro/Pinup]
    What if not only the Trolls could inbound with the powers of animal spirits and gods,
    what if there would be forces unknown that would change the person party to the
    animal of his or hers will and heart belong to?

    Second picture of my Anthro themed installments.

1 comment:

maise said...

Really Stunning ! :D

Hope you'lee make some other Anthro ^^

(*dream about Urdina*)