24 July 2016

The hair is once again blue AND dark orange!

Already back for another picture!
With the slowly approaching end of OC-parade, I decided to make a "quick-one" to fill in the gap and buy me more time. You've seen both of them before, so they don't need any introductions. Lunash and Yuhuja just admiring their loot stolen from Cartier & Co. Fine Jewelry, in Dalaran.

24th July "Successful Jewelery Heist" [Nelf/Troll/Tease]
Two sneaky rogue thieves admiring their successful heist achievement.


Anonymous said...

Busty thieves, what's not to like?

Anonymous said...

You're just too good at boobs, the bigger the better!

Anonymous said...

You know when you can fill the preview thumbnail up entirely with boobs, you've made a good pic :P