26 August 2016

Open for Requests!


That’s right! Something I haven’t done in ages - if you don’t count taking in one or two requests every six months.

I’ll be now taking in bunch of requests for pictures. The amount is still pending, but when I think there is enough slots filled, I will notify about it.
Time to put down some ground rules for the requests:
  • No Anonymous requests.
  • I won’t do futa pictures.
  • No major Lore-charaters (example. Jaina, Sylvanas and Anduin etc.)
  • No Demons allowed, nor Gnolls.
  • Requests should have more info about the scene than “Character X fucking Character Z”.
  • Description and/or link to your characters armory-page to make the creation a lot easier and more accurate. Screenshots are best way to do this.
  • Not really a rule, but if you want a small description/tiny story for the picture - please do type max. two sentences.
Any info given won’t be shared with anyone else and character names will only be posted with the picture if permitted.
I am known to be very picky over requests and this hasn’t changed. So if I don’t like the requested picture, I will just ignore it. If I like your request, I will inform you about it.
The schedule for the pictures will be the same what I normally do, once in a week or two.

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