23 May 2016

The hair is.... Orange?

Monday update.

I got lazy and didn't post this out back on Sunday when it was finished.
In "celebration" of reaching 300 followers in tumblr, I decided to "release" a picture
of my newest OC which is new addition to my Horde-characters.
Please welcome Yuhuja, the Bookworm!
This oddball of a troll will try to fill in the lack of female Horde characters in my roster.

23th May "Yuhuja, the Bookworm" [Troll/Pinup/Tease]
A very rare feature for a Troll, Yuhuja is interested in literature and written history.
She might look very frail with her glasses and books,
during night time she's sneaking unseen and stealing valuables.
Yuhuja usually watches for her next target during daytime,
but sometimes her next target approaches her first.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, not bad at all. :) Thick too!

Needs more alliance OC though, human/elf/drae the best!

Anonymous said...

Dang this was great. I'm telling you man ANYTHING you make with hueg boobs is so good it's just your speciality.

Anonymous said...

Nice new OC! I like. As usual bigger the better on boobs :)

If you feel like doing another OC I'd suggest a draenei. Sel will always be #1 but I just like draenei in general :D

Anonymous said...

Nice one cube, I like!

Anonymous said...

Big boobs always a winner but one thing I think you do well recently is facial expressions. Helps convey the sexiness!