08 May 2016

Mother's Day picture!

New picture ahoy!

Today, 8th of May, many countries celebrate Mother's Day. Some nations did it already, others will later, but majority has it today.
This should set the tone for the picture - as it was lot easier topic to use than Children's Week in W0W.
This picture is also a small break from my OC's, but that parade should continue next time.
Now, onto the picture - but first a small teaser comic I made and posted into tumblr and blogspot.

8th May "Mother's Day" [Orc/Straight/Pregnant/Incest]
After many months of guard duties,
a visit home to relax is a good option for vacation.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, pregnancy! I can get behind this. VERY sexy <3

Anonymous said...

Pregnant with no lactation!? Pffft!

Just projecting here, awesome pic regardless =P

Anonymous said...

OOo, pregnant. can get behind that <3