20 July 2016

The hair is now space brunette on both of them!

I'm late, I know.
Short summer vacation, have to use time wisely and travel like crazy from metal festivals to another and check out cute animals in the zoo.

It's nearly time for the final OC, but first one more before it.
This is yet another new OC that was created earlier this year. Really it isn't one, but two characters.
They both hail from a far far away galaxy and share everything they have. These two siblings have survived very long time together and will stay that way until time ends. They also are entangled into something forbidden and what is a taboo amongst everyone, even with Draeneis.
They both have pale white skin and long brunette hair. Their names are: Meena♀ and Vurann

20th July "Meena & Vurann - Forever Together in Forbidden Bond"[Draenei/Incest/Straight]
Been together since their childhood, aeons to count.
Meena and Vurann do and share everything together.
Their love for each other only grows stronger as time goes by.


Anonymous said...

Always nice to see more draenei. Such a loving couple :3

Anonymous said...

She's got a looot of bush. But hey, still a great pic. Draenei boobies!!

Anonymous said...

Two lovers making... love! I like it, simple and enjoyable :)