10 July 2016

This time the hair is PINK

Here again,

You guessed it, one less character to go.
This one lil' character has had many different variations, but they never got anywhere.
All those radiation mutations were trashed and only thing left was that she's a priestess and
has Gnomish "cybernetic" body parts: right arm, leg and left eye. She lost them in a mining accident(same one where Neffani lost her eyesight) and willingly went through experimental medical surgery.
I must confess, I went bit overboard with all the bolts and cybernetics on her body, although she still looks more gnome than clockwork gnome(as her robotic leg and arm is mostly hidden).
This lil' pink haired cyborgs name is: Lunzock Lightrod

10th July "Lunzock: Gotta Catch Them All!" [Gnome/Pandaren/Straight/Size]
Armed with most advanced Gnomish tech,
Lunzock is travelling all through the world to catch all Battle-Pets
and record them into her Battle-Pet GO gadget.
While in Pandaria, she shared a rickshaw for it's calm pace -
perfect to gather Battle-Pet Monuments on long roads.

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