05 June 2016

The hair is once again Light-Blue

I made another!

Time for more OC parade - although this is just another picture of Daeatril,
whom I introduced four days back. I wanted to make another one with her and/or Yuhuja in. The wheel of destiny decided that Daeatril would get her second picture this weekend, Yuhuja will get her turn some other day.
I might have made the Furbolg abnormally large on the first picture, but I did do some "research" in-game
and the Furbolgs when stretching their backs and tall as a house!

>Click here to see a shy Furbolg<

5th June "Daeatril, Bear Tamer"[Nelf/Straight/Furbolg/Beast]
Daeatril, still continuing her noble quest reforming peaceful
relation with native Furbolgs of Winterspring.
One Furbolg at a time.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I only wish I could see more of the lovely lady, but it's still nice to see some intense sex. Embrace the lewd!