28 June 2016

The hair is trying to be coal black

Happy Midsummer!

What? It was already last weekend? RATS! I'm late! Yet again...
This time, my reason is, Midsummer. It is very sacred time for us Finns, time when we all go out to chant pagan songs around huge bonfires fuelled with fire from Manala(Nether/Hell) and drink so much until least six to twenty people drown. Oh and we play also play Mölkky for an hour or two.

Now that is out of the way, time for the picture.
I never really properly introduced this Dwarf back when I created her. I tried to ask the community how
to make her stand out from other busty Dwarves and especially my other Dwarf, Belvala. Needless to say, it didn't work out as I wanted, so she only did get two official pictures out and one "F U" picture, that I've already deleted from this world.
She will one day get a proper introduction picture, but now well have to go with this one.
She's mostly blind from a mining accident, although can see people as shades in the light.
She is the blind Dwarven priestess: Neffani Coalstein.

28th June "Neffani's Midsummer Blind Date [Dwarf/Tauren/Straight/Size]
The blind Dwarven priestess enjoys celebrating Midsummer
as any other Dwarf or in this case, Tauren.
No idea how this frail priestess ended up celebrating the festive with a Tauren,
but that is how Blind Dates some times goes.


Anonymous said...

Oh damn, really hot pose, good stuff cube :O

Anonymous said...

I love it when the girl just looks completely lost in lust

Anonymous said...

Intense sex! very nice