04 July 2016

The hair is slightly faded yellow

Monday it seems!

I'm starting to think I should change my release day from Sunday to Monday, as I haven't been able to keep with that schedule at all.

We continue with the list and this time we have a Human who never was created in-game, instead had two picture made of. Main reason was that back then Hunter class wasn't open for Humans.
She supposing is ancient for a human, but somehow managed to keep her body relatively young looking. I don't remember what I had in mind back then, but think it as something like she would absorb "youth energies" from other women she would play with in her BDSM dungeon. I can't remember.
I kept one fact from that idea and that she owns set of stocks and binds to play with.
This forgotten character's name is: Zilma Featherston

4th July "Zilma and GF's Night Out" [Human/Draenei/Lesbian/BDSM/Anal]
After Zilma managed to woo a nice Draenei lady,
they started to go out on dates and slowly become a couple.
Many romantic days and nights later,
the draenei was ready to fulfil Zilmas wish
which would become a night she would never forget.


Anonymous said...

Damn, really nice! It's almost odd to see the human girl being bigger than the draenei, haha

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how lewd, I love it <3

Anonymous said...

gets a good feeling of intensity, I like it! Also Zilma with the nicer looking boobs too